Roser Font

Roser teaches regularly at the Luthier Professional Tap Program at Escola Luthier Dansa.

Tap dancer and choreographer, Roser Font was born in Barcelona in 1976. She began dancing at the early age of seven and was trained in ballet, jazz, contemporary, tap, ballroom and theater dance.
Roser was one of the founders of Contrac Dansa company, in which she worked as a soloist dancer and singer and later toured Spain as a member of the Crac al Gag dance company with the musical Fiddler on the Roof.
In 1998, she participated in a TV commercial with Broadway Stomp ensemble and in the same year, traveled to New York to study in some of the most prestigious dance schools: Dance Space, Steps and the Broadway Dance Center. Later on, back a few times to New York, Roser danced at the famous Tap Jams in the city, performing alongside renowned dancers such as Roxane Butterfly, Max Pollack, Buster Brown, Rod Ferrone and Omar Edwards.
Since 1999 she has been a member of the Barcelona Rhythm Tap company (led by her dance partner, Guillem Alonso), with which she performed as a soloist tap dancer in theaters and on television. Throughout 2000-02 she was tap soloist in the production Fire Of Dance, touring Europe in 330 performances. She is also the director, choreographer and dancer of the show Trakatap and performed as a soloist tap dancer in the flamenco show Enramblao, by Rafael Amargo.
As a leading member of the tap community in Barcelona, Roser teaches regularly at Luthier Dansa school and has been invited to numerous tap festivals around Europe and the United States.