Rubén Sánchez

Rubén teaches regularly at the Luthier Professional Tap Program at Escola Luthier Dansa.

Rubén Sánchez started working as a professional dancer at the age of 21, with the Barcelona company Camut Band, performing in Hong Kong, Barcelona, Madrid, Italy, The Netherlands, London and Dubai. Since 2007, he has been invited to teach and share his passion for Tap Dance in festivals in many countries such as France, Spain, Switzerland, Holland, Croatia, Singapore, Malaysia, South Africa, Mexico, Egypt, United States, United Kingdom, Poland, Ukraine, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Belgium and Czech Republic.
In 2012, started working Rachid Ouramdane, the director of the Théâtre National de la Danse de Chaillot in Paris, and was part of the shows: Sfumato (2012); Tenir le Temps (2015); Franchir La Nuit (2018) and Variations (2019), that were also performed in South Korea, Germany, France, Russia, Italy and Spain. As guest teacher, was part of the faculty team of important tap festivals such as Tap On Barcelona, Taptastic, Turin Tap Festival, KL Tap Festival, Pilsen Tap Festival, Tip Tap Run, Dance United/Tap United, No Feet Tap Fest, Odessa Tap Festival, among others.

Rubén is part of the Faculty of Luthier’s Professional Training Program for tap dancers.